Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Easter Dog Treats -Give Your Dog a Natural Alternative!

Easter is almost here. Now your dog can get a gift from the Easter Bunny.  Made with natural ingredients. You are giving your dog a safe healthy treat. Ledfoots Pet Bakery makes decorated dog treats with non-fat yogurt and strawberry for the natural color. We never use artificial coloring or sugar to decorate your dog treats. We are the only dog bakery that uses in house recipe to decorate cakes and treats, you will see a difference in the color. If the color is bright it's artificial coloring. You will notice, pictured above, that color is light. That's because we only use strawberries and nothing more. No other dog bakery is using natural coloring. That's what sets Ledfoots Pet Bakery apart from the rest. We don't use sugar or any ingredients that's not good for them. There's always an alternative and we like you to know about your choices.  Ledfoots Pet Bakery is your option to purchase safe dog treats you can't buy at any store. Tell your family and pet friends and share this story with them.
Do you give your dogs natural treats?

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