Thursday, March 27, 2014

Saving Dogs From Puppy Mills- How you can Help?

Helping dogs and pets is our business. That's why Ledfoots Pet Bakery signed up to pledge- We are a puppy friendly store. We believe in humane treatment for all animals.  Having heard too many horror stories from puppy mills, it's time to make a stand and get the word out. Please tell your family and friends about not supporting puppy mills. Have them look at their local animal shelter instead. The chance if you buy a puppy from a store, he or she probably came from a puppy mill. Lots of folks may not know this and teaching them the difference is your best way to help.
Ledfoots Pet Bakery believes in adoption. There are so many pure breed dogs at your local shelter who need their forever home. We're working with our local shelter and help in any way we can. That's why we donate 10% of proceeds to help buy food and cleaning supplies.  Have you shopped a store that supports causes like these? You can help to. If you shop with Ledfoots Pet Bakery you are supporting pets in need. You can also help in many different ways. Check with your local shelter they are always looking for volunteers or get a supply list and purchase what they need.  Local shelters also take donations so you can help in that way too. How ever you decide to help,  you are making a difference and are doing a good thing by saving lives and inhumane treatment.

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