Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Doggy Dental Month

Help keep your dogs teeth clean the natural way. Miss Daisy love's bully sticks. We give her a 12" Braided Bully Stick once a month just to clean her teeth. But you're asking how does it work? When your dog chews on one it pulls all the plaque and tar from their teeth. I was amazed when we first tried it. You will be too.  

Dog chews are the best way to keep your dogs teeth clean. What do you give your dogs to chew on?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dogs Get a Treat This Valentine's Day!

Don't know what to get your special loved one this Valentine's Day? Look no further. Give a gift for their dog. It would mean so much knowing that you thought of their pets. After all they are our best friends. Now you can send love to your friend and their dogs. They will always remember this Valentine's Day. So don't delay treat them today. 

Ledfoot's Pet Bakery makes these amazing heart shaped dog treats and comes in five flavors. Packaged in cute heart shaped bags.  Dog treats are handmade with love using natural ingredients. You won't find any fillers or preservatives. Made in USA. Nothing like ordering handmade dog treats to be delivered to your door. They also ship to your friends house if you request it. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Small Business Saturday- Tips for Success

This Saturday is Small Business Saturday, so I'm taking this opportunity to help other entrepreneurs. What's the best advice I can give?   Use all the free marketing and advertising you can find especially online, such as Small Business Saturday. It's a great program and it's free. Be sure to get your website listed on google, Yahoo,  and other free listings. Just do a web search and you will find many places to list your website for free.  Be sure to use google+ and all the social media sites.  Kabbage has some great free guides to help understand the differences between all the social media sites out there.

Budget wisely. What I mean is if you don't have the funds to purchase something, wait and see if needed or you may find it's not essential at all. So that is money saved. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.

We are having a special online sale that we are promoting on our social media sites and e-mail blasts. Shop Ledfoots Pet Bakery this Saturday November 29th and save 15% on your online order of $35.00 or more. Use Coupon Code: Small

MailChimp is an e-mail marketing service provider. If you have fewer than 2000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 e-mails per month for free. That is a great deal for any small business trying to survive and bring your business to the next level. 

 I hope these few tips, helps you, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dogs are NFL Fans and Can Join in the Fun!

Being a football fan, we couldn't resist, when we found out they make NFL jersey for dogs.  We are Bears fans since living in the Chicago land area our whole lives. We love watching games and our dogs like to take part while we are watching. Especially when I yell and jump out of my seat when there is a good play like a touch down. Daisy and Scooby like to join in all the excitement.  Do you find your dogs or cats trying to join the excitement? 
Chicago Bears Dog Jersey- are for sale and listed on Ledfoots Pet Bakery website. You will find a number of sizes listed. So don't delay and get your dog a great Christmas gift this year. 

Green Bay Packer fans are in luck. We also have Green Bay Packer Dog Jerseys.  They have been our rivalry for years. We couldn't forget about our Packer fans. They are doing real good this year. Keep it up but just not when you play the Bears. LOL 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Homemade Dog Treats- Dog Lover Holiday Gifts

If you have pet friends and family who love their dogs. Here's your chance to give them healthy homemade holiday dog treats. Made in Christmas shapes and packaged in holiday paw print gift bags. It will please any dog lover.  Treats are all handmade with love. Packaged and shipped directly to you or have gift sent directly to your friend. 

If your pet friends have cats instead of dogs. They will be delighted to get healthy homemade cat treats. Come's in two flavors. Pumpkin or Savory Cheese cat treats. 

Ledfoots Pet Bakery provides a wide variety of safe healthy natural dog and cat treats that you can order year round. Made in holiday shapes during each holiday. Now made in Christmas shapes. Cat treats are packaged in holiday paw print gift bags. Don't want to get them a treat they have a wide selection of natural pet products for you to choose from. Such as dog toys, cat toys, bully sticks, antlers which make great stocking stuffers. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chilly Days make Chilly Dogs

It gets chilly around here in the fall. Last winter was especially cold. I'm very happy that we got our dogs Chilly dog sweaters last year. It made a difference on those sub zero days, I felt a lot better letting them outside to do their business. You know it's cold out when they want to come right back in. We don't normally dress our dogs up but for the frigid temps, I felt it's a must and glad I did it. Miss Daisy wears her blue monkey sweater and Scooby has the Devil hoodie which both were very popular last year.
Chilly dog sweaters are handmade from wool, they keep up with the latest trends to keep dogs fashionable as well as warm.   Pictured above is the Black skull sweater

Do you dress your dogs in warm clothes for the cold weather?