Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dog Training

Last week a lady came up to ask me if we carry repellents. I told her yes, we carry the Natural Flea and tick repellents. But she said she is looking for a repellent to keep her dog out of her flowers. If your a dog lover then you know there is no such thing. I asked her if she was looking for a repellent for fleas and ticks she said no.  I listened to her explained to me she couldn't keep her dogs from chewing the wood chips around her flowers. As I realized she had no interest in a flea repellent, I told her you can train them not to do that. She wasn't interested. There was nothing further I could do but recommend a dog trainer for her. Not everyone trains their dog. Folks just don't have the time. We didn't have a lot of time but if you have pets you can always make time. We bought a puppy training book when we adopted Miss Daisy. From reading the book the lessons are easy, short and to the point. Miss Daisy could sit on command after the first day. Potty training took a little longer, but it was well worth the time spent. She knows where to go now. 
Do your dogs chew your shoes? Miss Daisy loved shoes when she was a puppy. So I took her with one shoe in one hand and her toy in the other placing both on the floor. She went right for the shoe. NO! I exclaimed. Then she stopped and went for the toy and I praised her while giving her a treat. Guess what? Daisy no longer touches our shoes. After using this method it didn't take long and I was impressed. So if you can't afford to go to a dog trainer, there are other options. Pick up a dog training book, with a little time you can train them yourself. We trained Daisy while reading the book and working each lesson as we went. I have to say what a nice bond we have made together and that was just the short time spent on her training.
How do you train your dogs?


  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing this information. I do believe that one of the important keys to a successful Dog Training is making yourself the pack leader. Establish first your role as a leader and everything will be easy. Best of luck! :)

    1. Hi Dan that is so true. I was going to add the info about pack leader but made it too long to read. Thanks for your input.