Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday-Shamrock Dog Treats

St. Patricks Day is almost here. Have you heard about these healthy shamrock dog treats? These fun treats are made with the finest human grade ingredients. I have a great time making these and our taste testers love them. I just finished testing our Decorated dog treats that are made with yogurt frosting and the coloring is natural plant based color. They loved them.  Soon to be listed on our website and I will blog about them here.
Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Dental Health Month. Have you cleaned your pet's teeth today? I have found it difficult in brushing our pets teeth. First of all we have multiple pets and not enough time. It is also hard to get them to sit still just to brush their hair let alone try to brush their teeth. So I have found some great natural products on the market today to help with this daunting task. Slurp N Fresh is the oral hygiene solution it helps freshen their breath while reducing plaque and tartar. Just add a small amount to their drinking water the best part no brushing needed. I like that Slurp N Fresh which is made from natural ingredients and great for large and small pets. Since our cats and dogs drink from the same bowl everyone is happy and makes my job easier. This is just one way we keep our pets teeth clean.

We give our dogs (odor free) Free Range Eco Braided Bully Sticks. This removes all the plaque off their teeth and you will notice how clean their teeth get after chewing on of these. We give our dogs a bully stick once a month for this reason and they love chewing on it.
Our dogs also love the Free Range Antlers. Filled with calcium and nutrients it's another great tool to get their teeth clean with added health benefits.
I love baking their Bad breath mint dog treats. Filled with parsley and mint, which are natural breath freshener's. Our dogs just love them and it's nice to give them a natural healthy treat. This is what we do to keep our pets healthy. What do you do to keep your dogs teeth clean?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Natural & Safe Shampoo for Dogs

Bobbi Panter Itchy Dog Shampoo. The name is so cute. But the best part it's all natural. No chemicals or salt. Which make this shampoo tear free. I like them because they solve problems like Itchy Dog Shampoo. It has oatmeal, flaxseed oil, tea tree and lavender oils that work together to soothe itchy, flaky, dry or problem skin and fur. It even helps with hot spots and mange.

Stinky Dog say's it all. A natural vegetable protein deodorizer removes odors EVEN SKUNK and degreases while leaving fur shiny and soft with a crisp clean fragrance. Our dogs smell so much better and because it is concentrated you won't need a lot and well worth money spent.
We use both Stinky dog shampoo and Itchy Dog shampoo and we are very satisfied. They also have more in their signature line, I just wanted to share with you what we use for our two dogs. Click on the links below to find out about their other great products.