Monday, March 14, 2011

Are Store bought treats good? What are the ingredients?

Daisy (pictured above) our first lab has a very sensitive stomach . It wasn't until I realized what was making her sick. She seemed to get sick after we would give her the store bought treats. After looking at the ingredients on the bag of treats and I couldn't even pronouced the names of these ingredients. They are called additives and are used to preserve not only treats but commercial pet food as well. One of the ingredients that I researched is called Propylene Glycol and is used in the commercial pet treat industry.

Propylene Glycol:
Propylene glycol is an approved food additive for dog food under the category of animal feed and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for dogs. Similarly, propylene glycol is an approved food additive for human food as well. The exception is that it is prohibited for use in food for cats because of a species-specific reaction in the body, as noted in 21 CFR 582.1666.
Veterinary data indicate that propylene glycol is toxic to dogs with a 50% chance of being lethal at doses of 9mL/kg, although the figure is higher for most laboratory animals (LD50 at levels of 20mL/kg).
However, propylene glycol may be toxic to cats in ways not seen in other animals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has determined that its presence in or on cat food has not been shown by adequate scientific data to be safe for use.

Another additive most commonly found in commercial dog treats is called sucrose. Yes, sucrose is Sugar and sometimes called saccharose.  I alway wondered why Daisy would get so hyper after her training session. Yes, at this time I was giving her the store bought treats and guess what the first ingredient listed on the box was? Sugar. I could not beleive it.  No wonder why she got hyper. This is when I began making homemade dog treats for her and morphed into Ledfoots Pet Bakery. Now everyone can purchase a safe healthy pet treat and you don't even have to leave the house.

These are just a couple of ingredients found in the store bought treats and food. Ledfoots Pet Bakery only uses the freshest human grade ingredients on the market. If we can not pronounce it then we won't use it.  We find our treats to be the healthiest on the market today.  The bakery treats also have natural health benefits to them,  check out the listings below.