Friday, February 4, 2011

February is Dog Dental Month!

Once again it is February Doggie Dental Month. Good oral care includes going to your veterinarian, as well as good home oral care.  Plaque is a buildup that forms along the gum line from food particles and bacteria. A great home oral care plan can remove plaque. Ledfoots Pet Bakery Carries many All natural oral care products. First we make the all natural breath mint treats which naturally cleans their breath.
We also carry the Braided Bully Sticks which naturally cleans the plaque off their teeth and we use this product once a month for our dogs. We carry the 6" braided bully sticks and 12" braided bully sticks.

Now you might also be wondering about giving Greenies for your dog. We carry the all natural alternative to Greenies, they are called Terrabones which come in two sizes small and large.

You will find all our oral care products under dog chews at
Check out the deer antlers these are safer then using rawhides.