Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dog Adoption or Puppies for Sale?

Looking for your next best friend? I recommend you look at your local animal shelter. There are so many good dogs and cats waiting to find their forever home.
 The best part is the low adoption fee which includes shots and clean bill of health. You can't get that from buying a dog or cat from a pet store.   A pet store will charge you a high fee just to purchase the pet. Then you have to take them to the vet for exam and shots. Which can add up real quick. The adoption fee is used to offset the expense of taking in and caring for the animal. So you will be helping, not only giving a pet a good home, but you will also help other animals that need a space at the shelter till they get adopted.
Where to find animal shelter in your area? Check out PetFinder. Here you will find shelters in your area and you can see a picture with description of each pet at the shelter. When you find a pet you like, set up a meet and greet to see if the pet is a good fit for you. You will also find answers to your adoption questions on PetFinder. It's a great tool to use. This is how we found Miss Daisy (pictured above).

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