Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cat Hairball Remedies

Rascal and Ozzy (pictured above) are best friends and they are our best friends. That's why we do what we can for them. They often throw up hairballs. We don't like when they have this problem and don't want to see them get sick, but it happens. We have found a way to keep this from happening. We give them a tablespoon of Vaseline and allow them to lick it off my finger. Rascal seems to like it but Ozzy doesn't want anything to do with it. So with Ozzy I put the Vaseline on his front paw.  He will lick his paw clean. We do this once a week to help the hair from getting stuck in their intestines. Don't want to use Vaseline? You can also mix a tablespoon of olive oil in their food. It will do the same thing. Just do this once a week to be effective.

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