Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cat Condos are Easy to Make!

Cats love to hide and need a place to do just that. Here is Rascal in his favorite spot. His dad made this kitty condo just for him and his brothers. Now they all have a place to go. Not only do they have a place to hide, but they also have a place to play with each other. Like Rascal and Ozzy pictured below. Their kitty condo has three cubby holes and the platform on top. Sometimes we see all three cats in each cubby hole. It's nice to see them use their condo all the time.
The cat condo was easy to make. We went to the local hardware store and purchased a cement tube. We used the old carpeting from our house. And glue was used to hold the carpet on. The platform is made with wood we had around the house.  The hardest part was to figure out where to put the cubby holes and how big they should be.

Do you have a kitty condo for your cats? Did you buy or make your own?

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  1. The condo looks great! Our cats have scratching posts and beds, but nothing like that.