Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Zuke's Sold to Nestle Purina- Now what do I Do?

If you haven't heard about it already Zuke's Performance Pet Nutrition has become part of NestlĂ© Purina PetCare. This is without a doubt good financially for Zuke's but how about the customers. The reason folks are purchasing from them is healthy safe dog treats made in USA. But who knows what will really change if anything. In the letter on Zuke's website they are planning to add new treats to this line. So there are going to be changes made. So many folks have been hurt by what others consider poor management. Nestle sold tainted dog treats to thousands of people since 2007 and didn't not even recall these horrible treats until recently. So that is voice for concern when your popular dog treat manufacturer just sold to them. So what do you do now? Check out Ledfoots Pet Bakery. Fresh baked dog treats and cat treats made in USA. They use the finest human grade ingredients and all treats are made in small batches for their highest quality control like no other. Stop by and give them a try. You can order their sample dog treat listing for a chance to try a few flavors out.

Let's get America back to work and help support small businesses. You may have a local bakery where you live. Stop in and give them a try. You may be surprised and wonder why you haven't tried them sooner. There are options out there for you. We just want to make you aware of them and hope you try them out.

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  1. Oh man I got that memo too. Everyone was panicking! Come by and link up your posts to Thoughtless Thursdays! I love for you to share all your good thoughts with the rest of the team