Monday, December 6, 2010

Worlds Most Durable Soft Plush Dog Toys!

As a dog lover I'm always buying a toy for our dogs from the local store. But they only seem to last for ten minutes before all the stuffing is on the floor.  After searching the market for a indestructible soft plush dog toy we came across VIP Dog toys. These toys are made with  Seven Rows of Stitching Each toy’s seven layers of material are sewn together with two rows of linear stitching and two rows of cross stitching. The four rows of stitching are protected with an industrial grade luggage material that is sewn 3 more times. Seven Layers of Material Three layers of 600 Denier industrial grade material, three layers of plastic coating and finally one layer of soft fleece. All seven layers are rolled together and then sewn with a one inch cross pattern to prevent layer separation. Protective Webbing Additional industrial grade luggage material is sewn around the outside edge with three rows of stitching to cover and protect the first four rows of stitching. Squeaker Safety Pockets Each Squeaker is safe and quiet because they are sewn into a nylon safety pocket beneath seven layers of material. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float.
We have customers come back and tell us that they still have the toy in good shape and are amazed that they held up to their dogs. These do make a great gifts for any dog lover! You can find a variety of different toys for your pets at

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