Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great and safe dog bone chews!

Everybody keeps asking us for rawhide bones but I have to tell you from personal experience they are not good for your pet friend.  They are not digestible. Our poor dog Daisy had some removed from her stomach. Our vet. recommended to use nylabones instead. Which we did try, but I didn't like the fact that she was chewing on plastic. Not very natural. Our search for an all natural chews began. What we found is these braided bully sticks. They are made out of all natural beef muscle and because they are braided they do a great job cleaning their teeth. I now give my dogs bully sticks at least once a month just to keep their teeth clean.
We also found antlers for dogs. Yes thats right deer antlers. They are a renewable resource since the deer sheds them. The bone marrow inside makes your dogs chew for hours. They also don't break or splinter which can be a great concern. Antlers can last up to 6 months before they wear down and you have to replace it. A great investment to make since your not replacing it every week. http://ledfootspetbakery.com/10-12-Giant-Premium-Antler-Free-Range-Dog-Chew-P1278338.aspx

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