Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Changes at Westminster Dog Show 2014

Westminster Dog Show 2014 has some new changes. There is now a mixed breed agility trial. Mix breeds have come a long way. They won't be able to compete for Best in show award, but that's ok. It's nice that mixed breeds are finally being recognized. No mixed breed has ever competed in 138 years the show has been running. Now it's there time in the spot light.
Three new breeds are being added for next months event. The Chinook, the Portuguese podengo pequeno and the rat terrier. So lets embrace these new changes and wish everyone good luck.


  1. Did you see any Eskies at the show?! I am curious! Also I am excited to hear that there are mixed breeds contestants!

    1. Hi Ruckus American Eskimo Dogs are in the non-sporting breeds category. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Good luck to all the agility participants. Licks from Laika.