Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dogs are NFL Fans and Can Join in the Fun!

Being a football fan, we couldn't resist, when we found out they make NFL jersey for dogs.  We are Bears fans since living in the Chicago land area our whole lives. We love watching games and our dogs like to take part while we are watching. Especially when I yell and jump out of my seat when there is a good play like a touch down. Daisy and Scooby like to join in all the excitement.  Do you find your dogs or cats trying to join the excitement? 
Chicago Bears Dog Jersey- are for sale and listed on Ledfoots Pet Bakery website. You will find a number of sizes listed. So don't delay and get your dog a great Christmas gift this year. 

Green Bay Packer fans are in luck. We also have Green Bay Packer Dog Jerseys.  They have been our rivalry for years. We couldn't forget about our Packer fans. They are doing real good this year. Keep it up but just not when you play the Bears. LOL 

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