Thursday, May 8, 2014

Farmers Market

We love this time of year. Farmers Markets will be in full swing by next month. We will be working our booth in Huntley Farmers Market on Saturday and Sycamore Farmers Market on Sunday. Selling our full line of dog treats and cat treats  along with natural pet supplies. It's a great time to give us a try. All dogs that come to the market get a free sample of our homemade dog treats. We also provide a watering station so your dogs won't go thirsty. It's nice to meet everyone in person. Folks have a lot of questions and we provide the answers for living a healthy lifestyle with your pets. 
There are so many great local vendors at the markets. Like our friend Gene with South Street Coffee. He roasts all the coffee he sells. Let me tell you it's the best coffee around and doesn't compare to the coffee you buy at the local grocery store.  You will find a lot of local folks selling their home grown plants, homemade cookies and baked goods. You have a great variety to choose from and won't be disappointed. So give your local farmers market a try, you will be supporting local businesses in your area. 
Do you shop at your local farmers market? 

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