Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February is Pet Denture Month. How do you keep your dogs or cats teeth clean?

February is pet dental month. We have found many ways to keep your pets teeth clean without the brushing. Miss Daisy won't let us put our hands even close to her mouth. So we can't brush her teeth. We give her a braided bully stick, once a month, instead. It pulls all the plaque off and we are very impressed with the results. These treats are expensive and we find giving her
a braided bully stick once a month does the trick. She also gets Slurp N Fresh which is a natural water bowl additive. Her teeth gets clean as she drinks. It also helps remove plaque and tar on a daily basis.
We use to give her Nylabones, but didn't much like, a week later we have to throw it out. That's when we discovered antlers. That's right deer, elk, antlers last a long time up to 6 months and with all the nutrients in them, they are getting added benefits from chewing on them.
How do you keep your pets teeth clean?

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