Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wind Chill Factors- It's Cold Out! Keeping your Pets Safe during Winter

It's so cold out around here! Wind-chill factor was -45 yesterday and -25 today.  They cancelled schools for two days and no garbage pick up. A lot of businesses are closed too. With that said you need to keep your pets safe this time of year. For most dogs they should go outside to do their thing and come right back in. If you have doggy jackets and gloves use them they need it. Miss Daisy pictured above did not want to go out at all. Thank god we got her and Scooby warm sweaters to wear this winter. Now we need to find something to protect their paws. I could tell it's real cold out when Daisy lifts her paws up.  It looks like she was dancing, but I could tell she wasn't having any fun. All pets should be kept inside when the temperature drops in the teens or lower.  They should also be given plenty of water. Since the heat is on it gets real dry inside so we need more water for us and our pets. A humidifier will help. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids. First sign of dehydration in humans is a headache. To check your pets lift their fur by the skin. If the skin doesn't come right back after letting go they are already dehydrated. So make sure you give them plenty of water. Leave a couple bowls filled for them.
Daisy out after we received 1 foot of snow. Before the frigid temps.
We hope you have a safe and warm winter ahead. It seems like it's going to be a long one this year. Can't wait till spring!

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