Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Pet Safety Tips

Scooby get out of that tree! Our pets love this time of year, to get in trouble. If it's not the cat then it's the dogs playing in the tree. So here are a few tips to keep them safe this Christmas.
Ornaments on the tree are kept up high and we don't use any breakable ornaments. That way if they do get the ornaments they can't break and cause real problems.
Keep them away from mistle toe and holly it will make them real sick if ingested. Try using artificial plants made from silk or plastic. It's a lot safer.
Don't feed them table scraps. Especially turkey bones or fat which can cause major digestive problems.
Give them a quiet room to get away from your guests. Some cats like to hide under the bed when guest arrive, so give them the space to relax.
Are you going anywhere this holiday or staying home and having company?

We wish you and your pets safe and Merry Christmas!

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