Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Dog Toys are Indestructible?

Lots of folks have asked us for Indestructible dog toys. They often complain about their dogs ripping up toys with in 5 minutes of receiving. There's basically no such thing Indestructible. Any toy you give your dogs after constant chewing will have the same results. We have found Tuffys dog toys being the strongest dog toys on the market today. Our two labs haven't been able to rip these toys open and we are truly amazed. We don't have aggressive chewers, but when it comes to toys Miss Daisy tries to get the squeakers out. She can't with Tuffy dog toys.
When you have an aggressive chewer, you can't let them chew a toy all day long. When faced with aggressive chewer it's best to take the toy away and give them a safe alternative. Antlers for dogs are a safe choice since they don't break or splinter and can last up to 6 months. We are going on over a year now and we won't use anything else.
Do you let your dogs chew up their toys or do you take them away after play time is over?

(We were not compensated by anyone for this blog. We blog about our experience with pet products Ledfoots Pet Bakery carries in stock, so we do not sell you anything that is not safe or high quality. Ledfoots Pet Bakery tries out all pet products before we decide so sell to general public.)

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