Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dog Treat Recalls-What is safe?

We learned our lesson when Daisy would get sick from eating store bought treats. Every time we would feed her one she would vomit. She could not digest them thankfully. That is when I really started to read the labels. Could not believe what they put in them,  I just could not pronounce any ingredients. Shocked by this discovery while searching the list of ingredients online they use stuff we humans should not even eat, so why should the dogs get it?
This is when Ledfoots Pet Bakery got started. For the need of healthy pet treats without any fillers, preservatives or additives. Proudly made in USA! We never purchase any store bought treats for her and Scooby again.  Daisy is now doing so much better. We just want to help spread the word about treats you buy at the store. They are not safe. Everyday we hear of new dog treats and food being recalled. Just this month Baileys Choice is now added to this growing list of recalls. To see this list just go to this link- FDA.gov/recalls   Review it to make sure you don't have anything that could make your pets sick.
For healthier pet treats you can make at home. If you don't have the time Ledfoots Pet Bakery will make them for you and ship them to your door. No need to buy anything that is not safe for them anymore. Bakery dog treats are made in small batches for highest quality control standards like no other. Made with the finest human grade ingredients. Helping you save time, gas and have happier healthier pets.
What treats do you feed your pets?

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  1. Scary. My dog loves the blue buffalo blue bits treats.
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