Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Switching your Pets from Commercial Pet Foods to Natural Human Grade Pet Foods

After doing a lot of research about pet foods we buy at the store. I realized how unhealthy they were and why our pets seem to gain a lot of weight. I can't believe all the fillers and additives they put in these foods, which make their food cheap to purchase compared to human grade pet foods. That is when I started to search for natural healthy pet foods. With the first ingredient being protein and the rest using only human grade ingredients. We have found a lot of foods on the market today you can't find at any big box stores.

Switching our pets from the commercial brands to natural human grade pet food was not hard at all. I was worried that they would have stomach problems like when you switch from one commercial brand to another. But that was not the case. I did mix up the food we had left with the new brand and your suppose to do this like over a month. We didn't have enough store brand food so we went with what we had. Only like a couple of days worth. They took to the new pet food with no problems at all. I was completely amazed. It really does make a difference between filler food and human grade pet foods. Our dogs and cats don't eat as much and it's easier to manage their weight. Since they eat less the food last longer and makes up for the higher price.

Human grade Pet foods we recommend: Tuscan Natural, Evangers, Orijen, Acana, PetGuard, Earthborn and Zignature are just a few natural human grade pet foods on the market today. You can only find these brands at an independent natural pet store and you won't find in the big box stores. So be aware there are commercial brand foods marketing natural but they really are not natural. For more information on different brands go to Dog food Advisor you will find every brand you can think of and find out what is really in the foods.

Have you switched your pets food? What are you feeding them now?

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