Monday, October 15, 2012

The Best Beef Dog Bones on the Market today!

As we try out everything before we sell it to the general public, we came across these wonderful beef dog bones made my Venison Joe's. Our two dogs Daisy and Scooby can really destroy bones. That's when I have to take the pieces from them, so they don't swallow a sharp piece which can be a choking hazard.  Not with Venison Joe's Bones these bones did not even splinter or break and I am very impressed.

Most of the bones that you see and buy in stores are mass produced beef and pork bones that are dipped or basted in liquid smoke and roasted or cooked in ovens. The bones are completely dried to remove all of the moisture, making them able to be stored in shrink wrap for long periods of time. This is because they could sit in a warehouse for months and then transported several times until ultimately delivered to a store shelf.
Venison Joe's smoked dog bones are fresh and 100% all natural.  They work with smaller quantities of bones and take just the right amount of time to provide you with a fresher product with superior quality.  They take their raw bones from the freezer and put them into an actual smoker where we use real wood and real smoke. The bones are smoked to perfection to make a fresh chew bone for your dog. The meat that is left on the bone is turned into a dried jerky style meat. Once the smoking process is complete, Venison Joe's bones are completely cured and ready to feed.

You and your dog will see a noticeable difference between Venison Joe's bones and store bought bones; a difference that you will both appreciate. Try it for yourself and you'll see what we mean!
Venison Joe's Large Beef Bone

Venison Joe's Medium Beef Bone
Venison Joe's Small Beef Bone

Venison Joe's guarantees your 100% satisfaction.


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  1. they should have let you do a give-away after such a great review! Just sayin....
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