Monday, December 13, 2010

Wonderful Cat and Dog Toys Made in the USA!

Most things we purchase in this country are now made somewhere else. I now check every label before I buy something. It is so frustrating not to find products made here. So as I started my journey with finding Natural safe products for our pets, and I also made sure they are made right here in the USA.

At you will find plenty of cat toys, dog toys, and other fine pet products made in the USA.

One of the products I found was this Shelby the Hemp Mouse catnip toy. This cat toy is made from all natural hemp and fresh organic catnip. Our cats just can't get enough of this toy especially after we fill it with fresh catnip.

For the dogs we found this Bottle Tracker Fire Hose Dog toy by Katies Bumpers they are out of Colorado. Also made in the USA.

All gourmet pet treats from Ledfoots Pet Bakery are made in the USA! We are proud to offer our customers with a variety of pet treats, toys, chews, that are all natural and made here.

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