Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Pet Safety Tips!

With two dogs and five cats the holidays are tricky around here. We don't use tinsel since it can block their intestinal track. As far a putting breakable ornaments on our tree, good luck we can't. Rascal and Ozzy our two black cats who are only a year old just love climbing in the tree to play with the ornaments. I just saw Rascal yesterday jumping up to get my monkey ornament. Which he got after one leap into the tree. Pets are amazing and we just need to keep them safe at this time of year. Here are a few holiday tips for you to use for your cats and dogs.

  • Holly, mistletoe and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs and cats. Make sure they are kept in places your dog or cat cannot reach.

  • Do not put lights on the lower branches of your tree. They may get very hot and burn your dog.

  • Watch out for electrical cords. Pets often try to chew them and get badly shocked or electrocuted. Place them out of reach.

  • Avoid glass ornaments, which break easily and may cut a dog's feet or mouth.

  • Do not use edible ornaments, or cranberry or popcorn strings. Your dog or cat may knock the tree over in an attempt to reach them.

  • Keep other ornaments off the lower branches; if your dog chews or eats an ornament, he can be made sick by the materials or paint.

  • Both live and artificial tree needles are sharp and indigestible. Keep your tree blocked off (with a playpen or other "fence") or in a room that is not accessible to your dog.

  • Tinsel can be dangerous for dogs and cats. It may obstruct circulation and, if swallowed, block the intestines.

  • Keep burning candles on high tables or mantels, out of the way of your dog or cats wagging tail.

  • Review canine holiday gifts for safety. Small plastic toys or bones may pose choking hazards.

  • Your dog or cat may want to investigate wrapped packages; keep them out of reach.  

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